Results of the first user program on the HOmogeneous Thermal NEutron Source HOTNES (ENEA/INFN)

A. Sperduti, M. Angelone, R. Bedogni, G. Claps, E. Diociaiuti, C. Domingo, R. Donghia, S. Giovannella, J.M. Gomez-Ros, L. Irazola-Rosales, S. Loreti, V. Monti, S. Miscetti, F. Murtas, G. Pagano, M. Pillon, R. Pilotti, A. Pola, M. Romero-Expósito, F. Sánchez-DobladoO. Sans-Planell, A. Scherillo, E. Soldani, M. Treccani, A. Pietropaolo

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The HOmogeneous Thermal NEutron Source (HOTNES) is a new type of thermal neutron irradiation assembly developed by the ENEA-INFN collaboration. The facility is fully characterized in terms of neutron field and dosimetric quantities, by either computational and experimental methods. This paper reports the results of the first "HOTNES users program", carried out in 2016, and covering a variety of thermal neutron active detectors such as scintillators, solid-state, single crystal diamond and gaseous detectors.
Original languageEnglish
Article numberP12029
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JournalJournal of Instrumentation
Issue number12
Publication statusPublished - 19 Dec 2017
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  • Instrumentation
  • Mathematical Physics

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Sperduti, A., Angelone, M., Bedogni, R., Claps, G., Diociaiuti, E., Domingo, C., Donghia, R., Giovannella, S., Gomez-Ros, J. M., Irazola-Rosales, L., Loreti, S., Monti, V., Miscetti, S., Murtas, F., Pagano, G., Pillon, M., Pilotti, R., Pola, A., Romero-Expósito, M., ... Pietropaolo, A. (2017). Results of the first user program on the HOmogeneous Thermal NEutron Source HOTNES (ENEA/INFN). Journal of Instrumentation, 12(12), -. [P12029].