RFX-mod: A multi-configuration fusion facility for three-dimensional physics studies

P. Piovesan, D. Bonfiglio, F. Auriemma, F. Bonomo, L. Carraro, R. Cavazzana, G. De Masi, A. Fassina, P. Franz, M. Gobbin, L. Marrelli, P. Martin, E. Martines, B. Momo, L. Piron, M. Valisa, M. Veranda, N. Vianello, B. Zaniol, M. AgostiniM. Baruzzo, T. Bolzonella, A. Canton, S. Cappello, L. Chacón, G. Ciaccio, D.F. Escande, P. Innocente, R. Lorenzini, R. Paccagnella, M.E. Puiatti, P. Scarin, A. Soppelsa, G. Spizzo, M. Spolaore, D. Terranova, P. Zanca, L. Zanotto, M. Zuin

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RFX-mod [Sonato, Fusion Eng. Des. 66, 161 (2003)] exploits its 192 active coils in both reversed-field pinch (RFP) and tokamak configurations with varying degrees of 3D shaping, providing also a test bed for validating stellarator codes and 3D nonlinear magnetohydrodynamic codes. This makes RFX-mod a unique and flexible facility for comparative studies on 3D shaping and control. The paper discusses how 3D fields allow access to RFP and tokamak advanced regimes. 3D fields are used to feedback control Single Helicity (SH) RFP equilibria with 1/7 helicity up to ∼ 2 MA. They also allow accessing SH regimes with higher density (Greenwald fraction up to 0.5), presently inaccessible in spontaneous SH regimes. Feedback on the 2/1 resistive-wall mode in RFX-mod tokamak plasmas allows for safe operation at q (a) < 2, an almost unexplored promising regime. Forcing the 2/1 mode to saturate at finite but small level, a helical tokamak equilibrium with significant n = 1 modulation is produced and a new way to tailor sawteeth is found. The effects of different levels of 3D shaping on momentum transport in both RFP and tokamak helical states are discussed. © 2013 EURATOM.
Original languageEnglish
Article number056112
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JournalPhysics of Plasmas
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - May 2013


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  • Condensed Matter Physics

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Piovesan, P., Bonfiglio, D., Auriemma, F., Bonomo, F., Carraro, L., Cavazzana, R., De Masi, G., Fassina, A., Franz, P., Gobbin, M., Marrelli, L., Martin, P., Martines, E., Momo, B., Piron, L., Valisa, M., Veranda, M., Vianello, N., Zaniol, B., ... Zuin, M. (2013). RFX-mod: A multi-configuration fusion facility for three-dimensional physics studies. Physics of Plasmas, 20(5), -. [056112]. https://doi.org/10.1063/1.4806765