Seismic response of the geologically complex alluvial valley at the "europarco business park" (rome - italy) through instrumental records and numerical modelling

Francesca Bozzano, Luca Lenti, Fabrizio Marra, Salvatore Martino, Antonella Paciello, Gabriele Scarascia Mugnozza, Chiara Varone

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The analysis of the local seismic response in the "Europarco Business Park", a recently urbanized district of Rome (Italy) developed over the alluvial valley of the "Fosso di Vallerano" stream, is here presented. A high-resolution geological model, reconstructed over 250 borehole log-stratigraphies, shows a complex and heterogeneous setting of both the local Plio- Pleistocene substratum and the Holocene alluvia. The local seismo-stratigraphy is derived by a calibration process performed through 1D numerical modelling, accounting for: i) 55 noise measurements, ii) 10 weak motion records obtained through a temporary velocimetric array during the August 2009 L'Aquila- Gran Sasso seismic sequence and iii) one cross-hole test available from technical report. Based on the reconstructed seismostratigraphy, the local seismic bedrock is placed at the top of a gravel layer that is part of the Pleistocene deposits and it does not correspond to the local geological bedrock represented by Plio-Pleistocene marine deposits. 1D amplifcation functions were derived via numerical modelling along three representative sections that show how in the Fosso di Vallerano area two valleys converge into a single one moving from SE toward NW. The obtained results reveal a main resonance at low frequency (about 0.8 Hz) and several higher resonance modes, related to the local geological setting. Nonlinear effects are also modelled by using strong motion inputs from the offcial regional dataset and pointed out a general down-shift (up to 0.5 Hz) of the principal modes of resonance as well as an amplitude reduction of the amplifcation function at frequencies higher than 7 Hz.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)37 - 55
Number of pages19
JournalItalian Journal of Engineering Geology and Environment
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2016
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