Solar barometric distillation for seawater desalting part I. Basic layout and operational/technical features

Mario Reali, Giovanni Modica, Ali M. El-Nashar, Pietro Marri

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The report presents an innovative solar barometric distillation technology for seawater desalting (SW-SBD) which has several attractive features such as: (1) efficient vacuum solar collectors of simple construction; (2) a barometric layout for quasi-steady operation at subatmospheric pressure; (3) a demister system of simple mechanical construction; and (4) an electronic control system regulating plant productivity parameters on available solar radiation flux. The proposed seawater desalting technology consists of single-effect distillation with water vapor produced and heated at subatmospheric pressure in a solar collector loop; the basic layout, operational features, and energy efficiency are presented and analysed in detail. Subsequent reports will provide technico-economical data from prototype desalting plants in view of industrial implementation. A promising specific electric energy consumption, k Wh/m3of fresh water produced, was found by estimating pumping power requirements of major SW-SBD plant pumps. A sizable reduction in produced water cost with respect to an existing solar seawater desalting plant in Abu Dhabi is expected on the basis of a preliminary economic evaluation for a ∼100 m3/d plant prototype. © 2004 Elsevier Science B.V. All rights reserved.
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Publication statusPublished - 1 Mar 2004
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