Studio geomorfologico della pianura di Pisa

B. Della Rocca, R. Mazzanti, E. Pranzini

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We present a geomorphologic study of the Pisa plain which was prepared on the basis of field studies and the study of historic documents, areal photographs and satellite images. We have also been able to make a satisfactory reconstruction of the evolution of the coastline: the shore reached its most inland position during the Versilian transgression between the end of the Atlantic Dak Phase and the first and second centuries B.C. Its present position is the result of the intense erosion of the cusp of the Arno delta since the 18th century, which is probably due to human activities. Photointerpretation and the study of satellite imagery has also allowed us to retrace many sections of the paleostream channels of both the Arno and the Serchio, the locations of which are confirmed by historic documents. -from English summary
Original languageItalian
Pages (from-to)56 - 84
Number of pages29
JournalGeografia Fisica e Dinamicca Quaternaria
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 1987
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Della Rocca, B., Mazzanti, R., & Pranzini, E. (1987). Studio geomorfologico della pianura di Pisa. Geografia Fisica e Dinamicca Quaternaria, 10(1), 56 - 84.