Study of the impact of low vs. high resolution meteorology on air quality simulations using the MINNI model over italy

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Modelling air quality requires the description of a large number of processes interacting each other. In order to properly model concentrations of atmospheric pollutants it is crucial to have a realistic reproduction of meteorological parameters, which can be critical in areas presenting a complex orography like the Italian peninsula. This work shows an analysis of the results obtained with the national model MINNI at two different horizontal resolutions (20 and 4 km), for a whole year over Italy. Comparisons between modelled and observed temperature and pollutants concentrations are carried out. The prediction of temperature is improved with the increase of model spatial resolution, as it is for pollutants like NO2and CO, while the improvement is not always evident for O3concentrations. Results are discussed providing an interpretation of the observed features. © Springer Science+Business Media Dordrecht 2014.
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JournalNATO Science for Peace and Security Series C: Environmental Security
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