Synthesis of microcrystalline LiFePO

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In this paper a method for the synthesis of nano-sized microcrystalline LiFePO4, which is particularly suitable for the production of high energy density electrodes, was developed. The method is characterized by the fact that it provides for the solid state reaction of anhydrous FePO4with lithium acetate. The method is easy to implement and, above all, does not involve the need to operate in a controlled environment, since the material may be synthesized directly in air by mixing anhydrous FePO4with lithium acetate. This latter is simultaneously used as a reducing and lithiating agent. Anhydrous FePO4is prepared by dehydrating iron phosphate hydrate, which is in turn prepared by means of the spontaneous precipitation thereof from a solution of FeSO4and NaH2PO4, using H2O2as the oxidizing agent. The FePO4used as the precursor is characterized by thermogravimetry and its morphology is investigated by SEM microscopy. The structure of LiFePO4is characterized by X-Ray diffraction and its morphology investigated by SEM microscopy. Finally, the LiFePO4is used to fabricate composite electrodes that are electrochemical tested in lithium cells.
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JournalSolid State Ionics
Publication statusPublished - 1 Mar 2016


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