Tephrochronology of a late quaternary lacustrine record from the Monticchio maar (Vulture volcano, southern Italy)

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With the aim of defining the chronological framework of the 51 m deep sedimentary sequence (core D) from Lago Grande di Monticchio (Mt Vulture volcano), macroscopic, microscopic and geochemical investigations have been carried out on the 14 thickest (at least 3 cm) tephra layers recorded in the core. The results indicate the tephras are related to the main late Quaternary explosive events from Ischia. Vesuvius and the Phlegrean Fields districts of the Campanjian area. Following these results, a usable time scale has been obtained, according to which the sequence spans the last 70 ka. Beyond the chronological information, this investigation has made it possible: (a) to identify widespread time-parallel markers for reliable correlations in the Central Mediterranean; (b) to collect useful data about past powerful eruptions, particularly from Vesuvius, for a better assessment of volcanic hazards in Central and Southern Italy.
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JournalQuaternary Science Reviews
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