The coolant purification system in DEMO: Interfaces and requirements

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The blanket concepts investigated under the EUROfusion program rely on water or helium as primary or secondary coolant medium; main duty of the coolant is to recover the thermal power from the first wall and the blanket units and drive it into the Primary Heat Transfer System (PHTS). The coolant path goes through three different systems: the breeder, the tritium plant and the PHTS. In the breeder region, part of the produced tritium can permeate into the coolant loop, from the coolant into the steam generator and thus reach the environment. The Coolant Purification System (CPS), located inside the tritium plant, is responsible to recover tritium from the coolant and to control the coolant chemistry. The paper provides the status of the CPS design: the technology review was completed last year, while now the CPS interfaces and requirements are defined. Main issues arise from the definition of the amount of coolant to be routed inside the CPS due to the large uncertainties related to the amount of tritium permeation rate from blanket into coolant and to the presence and effectiveness of anti-permeation barriers.
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JournalFusion Engineering and Design
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