The ITER Neutral Beam Test Facility towards SPIDER operation

V. Toigo, S. Dal Bello, E. Gaio, A. Luchetta, R. Pasqualotto, P. Zaccaria, M. Bigi, G. Chitarin, D. Marcuzzi, N. Pomaro, G. Serianni, P. Agostinetti, M. Agostini, V. Antoni, D. Aprile, C. Baltador, M. Barbisan, M. Battistella, M. Boldrin, M. BrombinM. Dalla Palma, A. De Lorenzi, R. Delogu, M. De Muri, F. Fellin, A. Ferro, G. Gambetta, L. Grando, P. Jain, A. Maistrello, G. Manduchi, N. Marconato, M. Pavei, S. Peruzzo, N. Pilan, A. Pimazzoni, R. Piovan, M. Recchia, A. Rizzolo, E. Sartori, M. Siragusa, E. Spada, S. Spagnolo, M. Spolaore, C. Taliercio, M. Valente, P. Veltri, A. Zamengo, B. Zaniol, L. Zanotto, M. Zaupa, D. Boilson, J. Graceffa, L. Svensson, B. Schunke, H. Decamps, M. Urbani, M. Kushwah, J. Chareyre, M. Singh, T. Bonicelli, G. Agarici, A. Garbuglia, A. Masiello, F. Paolucci, M. Simon, L. Bailly-Maitre, E. Bragulat, G. Gomez, D. Gutierrez, G. Mico, J.-F. Moreno, V. Pilard, A. Chakraborty, U. Baruah, C. Rotti, H. Patel, M.V. Nagaraju, N.P. Singh, A. Patel, H. Dhola, B. Raval, U. Fantz, M. Fröschle, B. Heinemann, W. Kraus, R. Nocentini, R. Riedl, L. Schiesko, C. Wimmer, D. Wünderlich, M. Cavenago, G. Croci, G. Gorini, M. Rebai, A. Muraro, M. Tardocchi, R. Hemsworth

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SPIDER is one of two projects of the ITER Neutral Beam Test Facility under construction in Padova, Italy, at the Consorzio RFX premises. It will have a 100 keV beam source with a full-size prototype of the radiofrequency ion source for the ITER neutral beam injector (NBI) and also, similar to the ITER diagnostic neutral beam, it is designed to operate with a pulse length of up to 3600 s, featuring an ITER-like magnetic filter field configuration (for high extraction of negative ions) and caesium oven (for high production of negative ions) layout as well as a wide set of diagnostics. These features will allow a reproduction of the ion source operation in ITER, which cannot be done in any other existing test facility. SPIDER realization is well advanced and the first operation is expected at the beginning of 2018, with the mission of achieving the ITER heating and diagnostic NBI ion source requirements and of improving its performance in terms of reliability and availability. This paper mainly focuses on the preparation of the first SPIDER operations - integration and testing of SPIDER components, completion and implementation of diagnostics and control and formulation of operation and research plan, based on a staged strategy.
Original languageEnglish
Article number086027
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JournalNuclear Fusion
Issue number8
Publication statusPublished - 3 Jul 2017
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  • Nuclear and High Energy Physics
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Toigo, V., Dal Bello, S., Gaio, E., Luchetta, A., Pasqualotto, R., Zaccaria, P., Bigi, M., Chitarin, G., Marcuzzi, D., Pomaro, N., Serianni, G., Agostinetti, P., Agostini, M., Antoni, V., Aprile, D., Baltador, C., Barbisan, M., Battistella, M., Boldrin, M., ... Hemsworth, R. (2017). The ITER Neutral Beam Test Facility towards SPIDER operation. Nuclear Fusion, 57(8), -. [086027].