Transcript analysis and regulative events during flower development in olive (Olea europaea L.)

Fiammetta Alagna, Marco Cirilli, Giulio Galla, Fabrizio Carbone, Loretta Daddiego, Paolo Facella, Loredana Lopez, Chiara Colao, Roberto Mariotti, Nicolò Cultrera, Martina Rossi, Gianni Barcaccia, Luciana Baldoni, Rosario Muleo, Gaetano Perrotta

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The identification and characterization of transcripts involved in flower organ development, plant reproduction and metabolism represent key steps in plant phenotypic and physiological pathways, and may generate high-quality transcript variants useful for the development of functional markers. This study was aimed at obtaining an extensive characterization of the olive flower transcripts, by providing sound information on the candidate MADS-box genes related to the ABC model of flower development and on the putative genetic and molecular determinants of ovary abortion and pollen-pistil interaction. The overall sequence data, obtained by pyrosequencing of four cDNA libraries from flowers at different developmental stages of three olive varieties with distinct reproductive features (Leccino, Frantoio and Dolce Agogia), included approximately 465,000 ESTs, which gave rise to more than 14,600 contigs and approximately 92,000 singletons. As many as 56,700 unigenes were successfully annotated and provided gene ontology insights into the structural organization and putative molecular function of sequenced transcripts and deduced proteins in the context of their corresponding biological processes. Differentially expressed genes with potential regulatory roles in biosynthetic pathways and metabolic networks during flower development were identified. The gene expression studies allowed us to select the candidate genes that play well-known molecular functions in a number of biosynthetic pathways and specific biological processes that affect olive reproduction. A sound understanding of gene functions and regulatory networks that characterize the olive flower is provided.
Original languageEnglish
Article numbere0152943
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JournalPLoS One
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 1 Apr 2016


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Alagna, F., Cirilli, M., Galla, G., Carbone, F., Daddiego, L., Facella, P., ... Perrotta, G. (2016). Transcript analysis and regulative events during flower development in olive (Olea europaea L.). PLoS One, 11(4), -. [e0152943].