Tritium minority heating with mode conversion of fast waves

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A new ion-heating scenario in tokamak plasmas, based on cyclotron damping of ion Bernstein waves (IBWs) by tritium minority at the first ion cyclotron harmonic (i.e., ω=2 cT), is proposed. The IBWs are coupled by mode conversion of fast magnetosonic waves in a D-H(T) (tritium minority in hydrogen-deuterium) plasma. The mode conversion layer is located near the center of the plasma column as well as the resonant layer of the tritium minority. A possible scenario for the JET (Joint European Torus) tokamak [J. Wesson, JET Report No. 99, 1999], based on the present idea, has been analyzed by means of the numerical codes TORIC and SSFPQL (toroidal ion cyclotron and steady state Fokker-Planck quasilinear) [M. Brambilla, Nucl. Fusion 34, 1121 (1994); Plasma Phys. Controlled Fusion 41, 1 (1999)]. As a result, tritium ions are accelerated up to energies close to the peak value of the DT cross section and steady state breakeven condition (Q≈1.3) can be reached with 25% minority tritium concentration. © 2010 U.S. Government.
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