Widely tunable two-colour seeded free-electron laser source for resonant-pump resonant-probe magnetic scattering

Eugenio Ferrari, Carlo Spezzani, Franck Fortuna, Renaud Delaunay, Franck Vidal, Ivaylo Nikolov, Paolo Cinquegrana, Bruno Diviacco, David Gauthier, Giuseppe Penco, Primoz Rebernik Ribic, Eleonore Roussel, Marco Trovo, Jean-Baptiste Moussy, Tommaso Pincelli, Lounès Lounis, Michele Manfredda, Emanuele Pedersoli, Flavio Capotondi, Cristian SvetinaNicola Mahne, Marco Zangrando, Lorenzo Raimondi, Alexander Demidovich, Luca Giannessi, Giovanni De Ninno, Miltcho Boyanov Danailov, Enrico Allaria, Maurizio Sacchi

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The advent of free-electron laser (FEL) sources delivering two synchronized pulses of different wavelengths (or colours) has made available a whole range of novel pump-probe experiments. This communication describes a major step forward using a new configuration of the FERMI FEL-seeded source to deliver two pulses with different wavelengths, each tunable independently over a broad spectral range with adjustable time delay. The FEL scheme makes use of two seed laser beams of different wavelengths and of a split radiator section to generate two extreme ultraviolet pulses from distinct portions of the same electron bunch. The tunability range of this new two-colour source meets the requirements of double-resonant FEL pump/FEL probe time-resolved studies. We demonstrate its performance in a proof-of-principle magnetic scattering experiment in Fe-Ni compounds, by tuning the FEL wavelengths to the Fe and Ni 3p resonances.
Original languageEnglish
Article number10343
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JournalNature Communications
Publication statusPublished - 13 Jan 2016
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Ferrari, E., Spezzani, C., Fortuna, F., Delaunay, R., Vidal, F., Nikolov, I., ... Sacchi, M. (2016). Widely tunable two-colour seeded free-electron laser source for resonant-pump resonant-probe magnetic scattering. Nature Communications, 7, -. [10343]. https://doi.org/10.1038/ncomms10343